Corporate Governance

"You reach a time in your life when an opportunity comes along to take your experience and knowledge and give back.
For Leanne and I, Lewis Counsel is that opportunity."
- former corporate Lawyer, Jame Lewis..

Helping you steer your organisation to achieve the desired outcomes.



Assisting Not for Profits, and individual and corporate philanthropists with the latest advice on governance. Empowering local and international NGOs and international aid organisations through training and advice. Equipping grassroots aid organisations by training the trainer; providing specific training and governance to equip your own communities into the future. Maximising your own personal philanthropy with bequests advice. Helping you to make a difference with your own not for profit strategy. 



Lewis Counsel was created primarily with one goal; empowerment. If an NGO can better understand governance, they are empowered to achieve better outcomes for their organisation.
If your leaders are mired in operational matters and day to day minutiae, they just cannot move the organisation forward.
Jame and Leanne take the time to help agencies become more eficient and more effective. By training the key leaders they instruct and encourage them to consider the best ways to achieve the optimum results.
The result: a more proficient Board, a better quality of new board members, and an organisation thriving on efficiency and empowerment.  

Train the Trainer


Regardless of your country or your sector Lewis Counsel will create a training solution that you can easily roll out for your leadership and your sector.

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