About Lewis Counsel

About Lewis Counsel

When Jame and Leanne Lewis were invited on a Micah Network mission trip to Asia in 2006, they packed the sunscreen, their bathers and the towel but came away believing God was leading them in a different direction.

They have now trekked through countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Nepal and Peru where there are some of the poorest communities on earth, being lifted out of poverty by small, passionate local Aid Organisations.  Village by village the small organisations were using their skills to educate and upskill indigenous communities, sometimes at the request of funding provided by large international organisations.

Jame realised that many NGOs had local knowledge and enthusiasm but lacked strength in governance and advisory procedures. Western principles of corporate governance had been foisted on small in-country organisations, but were principles these organisations found difficult to implement. 

It was the impetus Jame needed to leave his own successful legal practice, built up over 25 years, to help NGO’s locally and internationally. 

Now, through Lewis Counsel, Jame and Leanne empower grassroots Aid Organisations with the knowledge of governance.  By training them in situ, Lewis Counsel is equipping future generations to take the mantle and grow their own NGOs.

Jame and Leanne’s passion is to train leaders in governance, who can train others, who can train others thereby multiplying the effect.

Previous training workshops have aided grassroots organisations in Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Thailand, Malaysia, PNG and Nepal.  

Lewis Counsel also advises individuals, groups and churches contemplating establishing their own charitable organisations.